Garner Davis Architects is a St Kilda based architecture studio, highly awarded and acknowledged for the design and delivery of quality buildings and environments that delight their clients and users. Our architectural expertise aims to articulate and translate aspiration and pragmatics into a contemporary, yet timeless environment - a place of design and construction excellence, delivering space and service in a flexible and creative way.


Garner Davis Architects was established by Jill Garner and Lindsay Davis in 1990, each partner bringing to the collaboration a high level of skill in all facets of architectural work, including building and construction design and detailing, urban design and interior design. Both partners have taught design, architectural history and contemporary theory at RMIT and the University of Melbourne, and are regular invited guest critics and contributors to architectural events, including design based university courses (at undergraduate and masters levels), awards juries, publications and journals, seminars, and local and interstate lectures.


We bring to our projects a number of diverse and complementary skills -


and client liaison at the briefing stage ensures a comprehensive and thorough foundation from which conceptual work can progress to the real - ongoing communication ensures full client awareness of project progress

Skilled contextual interpretation

and understanding of place, topography and form means that our reading of a site may elicit an unexpected conceptual response, refined through design creativity, innovation and vision

Creative design

underlies a commitment to realise an environment with exceptional internal and external qualities - an environment that not only works efficiently but elicits pride and ownership in our clients and client community

Exacting documentation and detailing

indicates our demonstrable understanding of the real contingencies of building


Garner Davis Architects has a wealth of experience with both city and regional projects. Community and public projects range from 'reinventions' of existing non-functioning buildings or groups of buildings - subtly converting their environment, through to new iconic buildings that add significantly to streetscape and milieu. Residential projects range from small internal 'reinventions' through to purpose-designed prestige homes.